Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Renovation week 13

I started to get sick of my house exterior image. It looks the same! Feels like there's not much going on for the structure. That's because right now the focus shifted to electrical and all these moving parts inside the house.

There are many new developments going on for my kitchen. All the walls are removed. The workers are putting in new framing for new windows. I was told that all the studs inside the walls are too small they have to add some thickness to those. You can see all these lighter color wood on all the studs. With old homes, you never know what kind of crazy sh*t goes inside the walls. 

Another crazy things we found under what seems to be a really nice wall behind my bathroom. Great example of modern day plumbing! This is a vent that coming out from bathroom sink. This explains why I used to smell toothpaste in this room in the morning. You can see the old galvanize pipe and PVC pipes are just jury-rigged together. 

OK Time for good news, may I introduce Brand New Electrical Panel! We can now operate 20th century appliances. It's so nice and low profile. All the wires are hidden inside the wall. Genius! That's something I never thought possible. When I looked at my old panel, I often thought why is this so annoying to look at. I personally have issues with messy wires, especially those wires behind my computers, but that's a different story.

Exterior view of the panel
Behind the panel

Let me refresh your memory. This is my old electrical panel. Look at those crazy wires going everywhere!! So ugly!!

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