Saturday, July 27, 2013


mid century modern bedroom bold painting. over scaled brush strokes
photo via latimes

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Renovation week 25 | Siding patchworks

This week we spare some moments to do some recycle. We have saved our redwood sidings in the begining procress while we were tearing down the back of our house. Now it's time to put that to use.

Here are some of the redwood sidings we have saved earlier. 

Since we moved some windows around in the old part of the house, it's important to re use the old sidings to patch this area so it's exact the same size and texture.  

We added a door to the back of our kitchen. It used to be a row of windows. Now the windows are replaced with one single window and a door. 

An area where the old sidings and the new meet. They did pretty good job blending those in. Luckily we were able to find sidings that are close to the original. We try to follow the same lines of the existing sidings as close as possible. But it's still quite a challenge since the new sidings are a little smaller, because there's no thick paint on it. 


Jack Lew's New Signature

Could be the greatest signature on a dollar bill. 
Jack Lew's New Signature
Jack Lew's New Signature

photo via bagnewsnotes

Awkward Years Project

Awkward Years Project

Awkward Years Project

Awkward Years Project

Awkward Years Project
photo by Merilee Allred via fubiz

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Data strings

I randomly found these screenshots that resulted from drawing computer data. Beautiful.

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