Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Choosing kitchen countertops

When it comes to kitchen. I like to keep it bright and clean, especially in a small house like mine. Just like a lot of people, I too, love love love marble. But I just can't  handle the stains and etching. A friend of mine, who is a neat freak, has Carrera marble in his kitchen. Even his countertop got etched from a drop of lemon. I just decided since my husband drinks wine everyday and I don't really wanna to clean countertops everyday, then we should go with Caesarstone. We narrowed down the options to 3 options that most resemble natural stone.
Caesarstone sample in Organic white, frosty carrina, london grey
Organic white-- is the most favorite so far. It's the brightest with some light blotchy patterns.

Frosty Carrina--has some light veining that similar to marble. I would say the patterns are so close to real stone. It has beige under tone to it.

London Grey--is a bit too grey for me. The color and the veining look like dirty marble. I'm a bit disappointed on this one cuz the photos look so nice on the Internet.

Check out how my countertop turned out here.
And check out my renovation update here
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