Thursday, May 16, 2013

Renovation week 24 | kitchen update

I got a countertop!! And it's beautiful!! We went with Caesarstone Organic White as planned. I wanted them to be honed because I like matt surface. It feels rustic and it doesn't reflect so much light when I'm cooking. But Caesarstone doesn't offer this color in honed finish. We had to send this to a fabricator to honed it. I'm guessing they just sand off the surface.

There's a seam in the far corner of the counter. I wish it's less visible than this. 

We dried fit our faucet. It's pretty tricky with this sink because it's quite large. We had to add an extra inch to the cabinet depth  to accommodate this sink, otherwise we won't have enough space in the back for faucet considering there's a window sill in the back. Be careful for those of you who're planing for bridge faucet and large sink.

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