Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Renovation week 24 | master bath

I just realized I have not talked about my master bath at all. The master bath is a part of room addition we made to my tiny bungalow. The bathroom started to take shape just recently. I thought this would be a good time to post some plan and progress. Here is the design the architect has drew up for us. There are huge medicine cabinets. Those are the biggest highlights for me. If you remember my old bathroom, I never had a counter space or a big medicine cabinet before. That's a big improvement. I'm excited.

I took inspiration from this photo when I was picking a look for this bathroom. I like the use of telephone style tub filler. It adds character to the space. Especially my bathroom being a new addition, I want it to reference some part of an old world.
In the process I took my own initiative to pick the fixtures my self. Here are my picks.
I decided to choose a tub filler first because that's going to be the biggest fixture of the room and it's right in the middle of the room. I go with cross handle because it feels vintage and classic. There are not that many brands that make vintage tub filler that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. The one above is from Elizabethan Classic. 
For the sink faucet I'm using wall mount faucet because I don't wanna clean the water stain in the back of the faucet all the time. The reason why I picked this one was because my original choice from Elizabethan classic isn't comply with California lead code. They won't even ship it to me. 
Above is a low lead compliant, Hansgrohe Axor Montreux Wall Mount Faucet.

The shower doesn't really matter much for me. I just picked anything plain with small tiny knob that won't over power the tub filler. This one is Hansgrohe C collection. 

The floor is marble hexagon mosaic I ordered from Home Depot. They are pretty good price. I used the same tiles for my guest bath to save the cost. I have just received them today. They are beautiful.

This is where I'm at with the bathroom. The marble slab we picked out from that stone yard in North Hollywood has been installed. There's still a lot to do. And a lot to be fixed. To be continue...

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