Friday, August 22, 2014

Renovation week 32 | cabinet knob shopping

This week we are shopping for cabinet knobs and pulls. It sounds like a fun thing to do, but it can also be frustrating as well because there are so many options to choose. This is how I made my process quick and painless.

1. Decide on a finish to chose. We know that we wanted to get something dark, manly(so my husband would be ok) and vintage like Oil rubbed bronze to go with our craftsman house.

2. Pick a style. Since my cabinets are vintage, I need to go all the way vintage with the cup pulls and everything. My idea is to make everything look like it was built with the house from 1920s.
Duluth pulls from Restoration Hardware oil rubbed bronze
I found these Duluth pulls from Restoration Hardware to be quite handsome. I like the utilitarian straight lines, almost simplistic and not overly designed.
Asbury knob oil rubbed bronze
Asbury knob, not a typical choice to go with Duluth pulls. But I think it would work. 

3. Try to match everything. If you can do the whole house with the same finish and style, go for it. Think of all the built in cabinets as a backdrop. Don't try to switch around too much. I've seen some people that do cabinet pull bars and cup pulls together. They just look funky to me. I want them to be plain and simple. Keep in mind that you can add fun and colors in your decor later. I use Duluth pulls on all the drawers, and Asbury knobs on all the doors.

4. Plan really well on the placements. Try it on a paper first if you can. Where you mount the hardwares on the cabinets are very important. I seen a lot of kitchen design ruined by oddly placed cabinet pulls and knobs. They all need to aligned with each other, or with the cabinet frames. Try to see which way make a better design.

I did mine on a paper. Try to give this to cabinet installer. It would save you so much time. 


The trickiest part of all is finding a pull for my built in refrigerator. It is important to get pulls that made specifically for appliance. Regular cabinet pulls use smaller screws and they are not strong enough to handle constant everyday pulling. (with refrigerator suction, you need to pull extra hard). Restoration Hardware doesn't make appliance pulls so I have to find refrigerator pulls to go with Duluth pulls I already have my heart set on. I ordered a few different ones to try out. Good thing I can return them.

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