Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cuckoo clocks! | Today on Gilt

As you already know I'm obsessed about cuckoo clocks. Not only I woke up to see these awesomely cute clocks on Gilt, But these are also really cheap! Go grab them before they are gone!


Sleepy but not too comfy. One more day til the weekend.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sarah jessica parker's home

Sarah jessica parker's home in Hampton. Very simple and modest furniture and decoration. I like mix range of tailored furniture and simple ikea furniture. That makes the house comfortable and inviting.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Balloon dresses

Super cute balloon dresses made by Japanese artist, Rie Hosokai. These dresses are made with inflated balloons "knitting" in to one of a kind wearable sculptures.  Check out her website here daisyballoon (plenty of photos!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Renovation week14 | Bathroom Plan of Attack

No one should feel like disco dancing in this room! Look at that floor! What were they thinking?? 

Take a good look at my old ugly bathroom before it's all gone! 

 Without that floor, this room looks much better already

Here's plan of attack
1. Rip that floor out! Replace it with more calming tone like grey and white. I'm thinking hexagon mosaic tiles to keep that vintage vibe going. 
White Marble Mosaic Tile from Home Depot. 
2. Change that thick legged sink to this console sink.
Lutezia 28 Inch Console Sink by Porcher

3. We need to change the toilet to this...Better fit for our 1920s house.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet

4. With lack of any storage or counter space in this room. We have to add recessed medicine cabinet. Since the walls will be ripped open, we can put in a recessed cabinet like this one...

5. Update my beloved tub. Not sure what color to paint it yet. But that's on our to do list.

6. This room has no windows or vents...It feels pretty damn and moldy. The next step is to add some lights. We are thinking sky light tada! This picture should come with heavenly sound effect~.

Clawfoot tub

yellow clawfoot tub, yellow bathroom decor, yellow wallpaper
I love clawfoot tubs! Those little animal feet are just so damn cute. I have a clawfoot tub in my bungalow too. It's one of the reason we bought the house I have to say. My tub just looks really sad right now. I'm planing to paint the bottom yellow. What do you think? Is it too much?
clawfoot tub in beach bungalow bathroom

traditional bathroom, clawfoot tub, black painted, wainscot

neon green clawfoot tub, subway tile, dark grout

unfitted bathroom, clawfoot tub, wood floors bathroom

silver clawfoot tub

pink clawfoot tub

blue clawfoot tub

nickel clawfoot tub

white bathroom, colorful decor, clawfoot tub.

beige clawfoot tub

gold clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub, black bathroom decor, wainscot

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub, minty green

vintage clawfoot tub, black, industrial decor

vintage clawfoot tub, flowery curtain

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub, unsual legs

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub, off white paint

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub, pink pastel

vintage clawfoot tub, black & white & wood

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub

vintage clawfoot tub

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