Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's get stones

I took a trip to a stone yard in North Hollywood to pick out countertop for my bathroom. I wanted to go for natural stone for bathroom since it's not a traffic area we can finally use marble here. And too keep it  within traditional look we are going for. I thought this was going to be an easy process since I already have my mind set for Carrera marble. But I was so wrong! There are so many beautiful stones here. This could be dangerous for indecisive minds. I can see why people can spend days picking a stone.

Real stones are so much more beautiful than engineered stones, like Caesarstone or Silestone. The natural veining got so much depth to it. And the colors are out of this world! For something simple as grey, you wouldn't think there's any different. But natural stones are so much more vibrant. The white is whiter and grey is deeper. The minerals in the stone reflect so much more lights than engineered stones. It just make the surface looks insanely good. If I can pick a stone for my kitchen again, I would totally go with Super White Quartzite. 

(click to enlarge) 
(above) Calacatta Carrara--even more beautiful up close. Unusual lines that make it look so graphics. 

 (above) Calcatta--attractive bright white. I would have to say no for the gold veins. 

(above) Asher Grey Marble--Super modern! This is something I've only seen in photos. It looks so much more beautiful in person. I would totally go for this if I had a modern home. 

 (above) Cold spring--Very fun to look at. Many textures. Really looks like dry grass in frosty snow. 
(above) Cold spring--different part of the same slab

 (above) Monte Carlo--Really nice bluish grey color. 

(above) Super White Quartzite--Almost fell for this one. The color is just so grey and beautiful. It's a really clean shade of grey. And the texture is so much like ice/rock. It's hard to see here, the veins are actually kinda like glass. Since Quartzite is a harder stone than marble, it's easier to clean. The only thing that stopped us is "the price". It's $400 more than what I wanted to spend. 

  (above) Super White Quartzite
 (above) Super White Quartzite

At the end...I finally woke up and found my self with this slab of plain dull Carrara marble and a skinny dog. (We stayed on budget.) 

Tile store information
Pacific Shore Stones
13148 Raymer St 
Los Angeles, CA 91605 
(818) 765-7454 

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