Monday, April 29, 2013

Guest bath renovation update | lessons learned

It has been awhile since my last post on my dingy guest bathroom. Here's the update. I can't believe how much work and attention my bathroom needed. Many things would have gone horribly wrong if I didn't nitpick everything.

Lesson #1
get all the supply lines in place.
First I had to make sure that my contractor got all the plumbing done according to the sink spec. I have a console sink and the water supply lines would be exposed. It is very important that the pipes are perfectly 90 degree straight.
In a perfect world the water supply lines would look like this. (above)

I have saved this image from somewhere because I know this is what I don't like. The supply lines were bent and slanted. (above)
As I expected my contractor didn't try to do anything to align the supply line. Good thing I found out early on. I had to take a ruler and draw lines where I want the pipes to be. Sometime he is just amazed by how far I have gone to get everything perfect. But hey I can't help it. I would rather do this now than feel sorry later.

Lesson #2 
You can never go wrong with more light.  
We didn't have any window in this bathroom. It was just dark and dingy. We used to get mold all the time. We were going to add a solar tube. A cheap fix I know. But after given a lot of thought we decided to do it right. Here we are with a sky light. It is the best decision ever! This is what I call money well spend. 
Who needs ceiling light when you have skylight!

tall wainscot+small space = disaster 
While our architect was on a vacation in Brazil. We discovered that the wainscot that would go on to our bathroom walls needed to be raise about 7" higher in order for the top rail of the wainscot to be away from the switch plate. That makes the wainscot about 5 feet high(normally wainscots are about 3 feet high), which makes it too high because I'm only 5'3". I didn't know it was going to be a problem, I just gave a okay for the contractor without consulting the architect. Who would have thought something so simple could go so wrong, right? When I saw the result, I was so overwhelmed. The tall wainscot made the room felt so much smaller than it is. The horizontal line is just about my eye level, and it just cuts the room off in a weird proportion. I felt like I'm drawning in that room. It just didn't feel right. I know I can't live with this. We decided to re do all these wall panels all over again. 

This time we approach with cautious. We brought it down over a foot, and tried to line top of the rail to the bottom of the medicine cabinet. By doing this it opens up so much space for the room. And it doesn't feel like the wainscots are added later. This by any mean was not an easy process. It involved having to rip those wainscot panels off the walls, then patch the walls, then cut new wainscot panels. But the result is worth it. 

Tada! I know it's not a very good "after" photo, but you get an idea. 


simplistic is best. 

photo via elle décor

Monday, April 22, 2013


cool ride
Lambretta, The undertaker? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Manic Street Preachers

I have gone through a phase in my teenage years when I was absolutely OBSESSED for The Manic Street Preachers. I mean OBSESSED in capital letters, obsessed with exclamation mark, obsessed obsessed obsessed period. I thought James Bradfield is a lyric genius. 20 years later, their music and their message are still relevant. How do they do it?


What I'm listening today

Again and Again

Friday, April 5, 2013


Love that gray painted brick wall. And colorful pom poms. 
photo via adoremagazine
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