Friday, November 30, 2012

Renovation | week 12

Week 12
Not even a week later, we already have walls. There are so many new developments going on this week. They start demo my kitchen this week. My old cabinets are coming down. Walls are down.

Here is the before photo of my kitchen. My only counter space is the right side of the sink. One tiny foot of space. The layout here is pretty weird. It's not efficient for cooking, sitting, or entertaining. Then we have this half wall that separate cooking area from a breakfast nook. You can see where the ceiling fan is. That's my nook. It's common for bungalows back in 1920's to  have a nook area where you can sit and enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. But my nook is the space where I put my refrigerator, we can't sit in there. 
messy kitchen!
bye bye gone.
 I didn't notice how much space I actually have in my kitchen until all the stuff is gone.
 That half wall and the arch would be down as well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Renovation | week 11

Week 11
Roof Roof!! Roooof!! Now we can walk in to the space and feel like we are inside a room. The window and electrical panel you see will be removed and turn in to a wall.
The team is working hard to get the roof up before this coming rain. 

Renovation | week 10

Week 10
WOW! just a pure excitement to see a real structure started to come to life. I had no idea how big the whole thing is until I see all these framings. 
 There's still some roof missing in this area...

Renovation | week 9

Week 9
What a great sunny day. The back door is turning in to a hallway to my new bedroom. I didn't notice how big the new room is until now I see everything coming together. That's huge! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doshi Levien' house

I found these photos of Doshi Levien designer duo's pad. I was so excited because I have just posted some couches designed by them. Unlike snobby designer places, which often exude coldness and I'm too cool vibe, their place is so warm and realistic. I mean this looks like someone really lives there.

Designers, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. 

photo via nzzdomizil

Renovation | week 8

Week 8
Seem like they are taking a break from the rain. Not much to see here but I can sense something good is happening under that plastic.

Renovation | week 7

Week 7
Ladies and gentlemen we got floors! 
I know it's not exactly like what you can walk on. But at least this looks like the room is started to take shape. I'm pretty stoked. Noodle seem to dig it. It's all good. 
Rough plumbing has been done. You can see here some sort of copper pipes for the area that will be my bathroom.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Footer troubler

Let me give you a back story about our foundation. Since our house was built in 1920s, the footer was only one foot thick. Kinda scary just to think about it. But I'm pretty sure all houses around here in LA are pretty much the same. You can see it from this photo. In order to add a new room to the existing, we have to go in and retrofit the old foundation to current code, which is 24" thick. 
 Here's what they did. They dug underneath the footers and pour concrete in.  

Friday, November 16, 2012


Remember when that Scarlett Johansson's phone got hacked along with her nude photos. The photos went viral. Those photos were taken in this bedroom. How did I know? I remember that cute wallpaper. 
Scarlett Johansson's bedroom
photo via homesluxury

Renovation | week 6

Week 6
We have concrete footers!! All the branches and debris are all gone. Lets parade around it!!
Noodle is inspecting the concrete footers. Now they all packed in to the ground nicely. 

Chiquita banana stickers

Chiquita banana held an competition recently to redesign their iconic blue sticker. After more than 100,000 votes, Chiquita finally has its 18 winners.

photo via slashfood

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why is it so hard to be green?

We were told by a couple contractors that we might have hard time finding sidings to match the ones on our 1920s bungalow. The original sidings were made from redwood, which is now very expensive. And the new sidings now a days are not made the same size anymore. The worst case would be that we have to custom made the saw blade to cut our own sidings. But that sounds like a huge dent in my pocket! So in the attempt to save the environment and my pocket, we asked the workers to save some of the original sidings that they were ripping off my house.  That doesn't turn out so well.
The only one who enjoys these cracked out sidings is my dog. 

Doshi Levien, My Beautiful Backside

My Beautiful Backside is collection of seats designed by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. From the name sounds like there's a surprise in the back. But my favorite parts are in the front. The colorful pillows and mitch match cushions are so cute. I love how these look like they just thrown together. 

images via doshilevien

Renovation | week 5

Week 5
Some part of the footers has magically appeared when I went to check on the progress.

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