Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Plan

When my architect designed the kitchen I asked for a breakfast nook. Because I think it's very true to the period and style of the house and believe me who has time to eat in the dining room everyday. We are fortunate to have some space in the backyard here. We wanna take advantage of that green grass real estate we have. We wanna sit right there at the window and stare right at that little green patch all day long! lol!

Here is prolly the best feature of my house. Out the kitchen windows.

This is my attempt to design my own kitchen. I looked all the store bought cabinet sizes as my guild line. I took measurements of my kitchen and drew this in Adobe Illustrator. I know it's not the best choice for designing a kitchen. But at least for me to enjoy a comfort of being able to see it all laid out.

 I didn't have any breakfast nook in my design because we didn't think that we could afford to build new framing for the window. We didn't wanna ruin the sidings. Look what we've done now with all the crazy additional going on, there's no way to avoid all these.

We add french doors in to the same window cutout we already have. We thought this would make the room look more open. We use a bar counter for seatings. Seems to be a decent decision at the time.
We also wanna keep this old ironing board. It's kinda useful and easy to put away. YA lot of people would turn this in to spice rack. You would see this in a lot of old homes.

Ok then I showed this to my architect. He was looking at me like...this woman is crazy. hahahaha He said oh now you already done my job. hahaha But of cause he went back and came up with even better design for us. I couldn't be happier.

Now with this design we get the nook that we always wanted and we also get a door to the back yard. It's not as big as the french doors but that's fine. The catch is now we have to spend more to cut out that new opening to fit the window and door. I've learnt that at one point if you want something to be done right, you would have to pay the price. --Another hole in my pocket.

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