Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ceiling appreciation

We have some ceiling appreciation going on here. Since my house is so tiny, I wanna make sure that we take advantage of every square inch of this master bedroom addition. I think having a vaulted ceiling is one way to make the room appears larger than it is. And I am a fan of beam ceilings.

I have learnt that even though the ceiling looks like it's exposed but it's not. There are electrical, vents and things under that ceiling. Then they apply faux beams on top of that. That's the reason why this costs more than regular ceiling. Don't like the sound of that!

This is the look of the ceiling that I'm going for in my master bedroom. Except my roof is lower pitch.

This is just a plain ceiling no beam. This is my backup plan if I ran out of money to buy beams:)

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