Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding Kitchen Lights

This has been such a long quest for many months now. I need to find a pendant to hang above mbreakfast nook and sink. First I went and look for something matching. Like these...

Option 1
All school house lamps. Simple, vintage, period appropriate. They reminds me of depression era. Not sure if that's a good thing.
School house Electric Marian surface mount and Willamette pendant

Option 2
Some what industrial, still keeping that simple look. Good thing about this is that both of them are the same design. My husband doesn't care too much about these.

School house Electric Satellite pendant

He thinks that they don't really need to match because the sink and the nook are not that close to each other. Even though I disagree on this one, I need to just compromise. I would just look for something else. I know he likes things with feminine details. While I like industrial look. We came to this 3rd option...

Option 3 Cottagy, girly, a little bit of vintage flare. We are getting there. Both of us like the light over the sink. It's geometric enough for me that it could read as modern and in the same time it's vintage. The only problem with this is the scale of the light over the nook. It's only 12" wide. Feels a bit too small for the space. 

School house Electric Otis
Crystorama Solaris mini Chandelier 
You know when you make a good decision you feel good inside. But for some reason our guts feeling tells us that this isn't what we want. Just don't feel like we can settle with these. Perhaps these are too safe? I had to scratch all these options and try to com up with something we both can enjoy. Maybe something little more personal. 

Finally we conclude on this..
Option 4
Gotta stay true to my personal aesthetic. We went with graphic approach. Geometric shapes, sharp edges. Everyone is happy. 
Ralph Lauren Dustin Dodecahedron Wood Pendant

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