Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Renovation | week 21

After a long wait for city inspection and green inspection(yes we have to do that in LA), fast forward to week 21!!! If I could recall a time during this renovation that we feel hopeful and happy, this might be it. Not only we have walls, but we also have cabinets!! I couldn't be more excited.

I'm proud to say that I have a kitchen. Or at least the outline of what soon to be my very first renovated kitchen ever. We use custom cabinets from this awesome cabinet maker, Oscar Corleto. Since we have all built in fully intregrated appliances, we were told that custom cabinets are more budget friendly in that case. This wood hood is turning out to be really nice. I didn't expect to see it before I actually get the hood insert. 

This is what you see when you enter my kitchen. What a great decision to put a door there. I can see the backyard from here. This opens up the room so much. 

Opposite view of my kitchen. We decided to save the old ironing board(that white thing in the middle of the wall). Because it's nice, vintage and useful. Some people turn that in to spice rack. We wanna keep it as a reminder of how this 1920s kitchen used to be.
We asked for breakfast nook and we got it! It's pretty small. This would seat about 3 people at most. But that's what we could squeeze in to this space. 
I'm crazy about this, lift up seats. Great great storage space for us. 
This is my master bedroom. The faux beams I asked for are up. Everything is looking great. 

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