Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Renovation week 28 | painting continue...

They told me painting would take about 2 weeks to finish because there are a lot of prepping involve especially for lacquer paint on my cabinets. So this week progress is just some primer. I actually love the matte look of the primer!

In the kitchen
My open shelves have just been installed. Oh have I told you about the drama I had with these? OMG it's so annoying. Before I end up with the shelves I wanted. Flash back to what happened last week. My contractor misinterpret the design on the blue print and gave me something looking like a cabinet with no doors. I made them rip it out because it's so ugly. 
craftsman kitchen during renovation. painted inset cabinets

craftsman kitchen open shelves. kitchen renovation. cottage style.

craftsman kitchen open shelves

They are still prepping mostly. They are now putting finishing details like wood frames around the windows and doors. I specifically asked them to match the detailing to the existing part of my house. It seems pretty straight forward and you think I wouldn't have a complain during this process. Oh no you are wrong! Here comes another problem....

craftsman bungalow window sill

The new window frames that go around my windows are much larger than the window sill that came with the windows. Now they have to add a little piece of wood to extend the sill. If you look up close on above photo, you'll see a little line there. I'm surprised not even the window guy thought of this. So for those of you out there, you need to order the window and make sure they also match the size of the sill to your existing. 

craftsman bungalow wood sidings and window frames

craftsman bungalow wood sidings

craftsman bungalow wood sidings

Almost there...
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