Friday, November 30, 2012

Renovation | week 12

Week 12
Not even a week later, we already have walls. There are so many new developments going on this week. They start demo my kitchen this week. My old cabinets are coming down. Walls are down.

Here is the before photo of my kitchen. My only counter space is the right side of the sink. One tiny foot of space. The layout here is pretty weird. It's not efficient for cooking, sitting, or entertaining. Then we have this half wall that separate cooking area from a breakfast nook. You can see where the ceiling fan is. That's my nook. It's common for bungalows back in 1920's to  have a nook area where you can sit and enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. But my nook is the space where I put my refrigerator, we can't sit in there. 
messy kitchen!
bye bye gone.
 I didn't notice how much space I actually have in my kitchen until all the stuff is gone.
 That half wall and the arch would be down as well.

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