Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cuckoo Clocks | What I want now!

When I was a kid I was mesmerized by an idea of a little cuckoo bird that comes out from a little house. I remember seeing an original black forest cuckoo clock at my friend's place and coming home asking for my mom to get one for our living room. At the time cuckoo clocks were made from richly dark wood with elaborated designs, she didn't think that would look good in our plain and simple middle class home. She was probably right. Back then there were not that many cool modern designs to chose from. Not until recently that I found so many of these popping up everywhere.
Naoto Fukasawa's cuckoo clocks for isetan living
The Bricchetto cuckoo clock is produced by Diamantini & Domeniconi
and was designed by the glass artist Raffaele Darra.
Raffaele has used Murano Glass to create this beautiful cuckoo clock.
Meridiana, contemporary house shaped metal cuckoo clock  
Modern Cuckoo Clock designed by Tobias Reischle, 
The Arcoiris Cuckoo clock (Arcoiris means rainbow in Portuguese language) by Diamantini & Domeniconi
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