Monday, September 9, 2013

Renovation week 27 | picking the paint!

Here is what so called the fun part where we get to pick colors. I'm not so sure it's that fun for me. It's quite difficult to guess how the color would look in an actual space. Below is our inspiration for the bedroom walls. I don't want any strong color. I just want something light and classic. I'm trying to make my life less complicated here. We don't have any furniture yet so we don't want any color to dictate our furniture and bedding choice. My theory for picking colors for this house is that we use light colors in smaller/darker rooms, and use dark colors in traffic areas. 

In the mean time we try to make this process as painless as possible. The key is to go in to the store and pick out only a few colors you like and quickly leave. If you stick around you will get so overwhelmed. It's easy to get side track when there are too many options. That's me getting blinded by so many swatches. 
We picked out some swatches and tested on our master bedroom walls. They look like all white swatches but on the wall they turn out so much darker don't they? We are most likely to go with Cloud White here because it has less tint out of all the choices. 

benjamin moor paint on my master bedroom wall. The colors are dune white, cloud white, shoreline, ivory
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3

No. 4

Happening at the same time at our kitchen... We have our cabinets painted Simply White. This was an easy choice for us since we know we want all the cabinets bright white but still has a little warm tone to it. I think this color is perfect because it's not too yellow and not too white. We also picked Shore LIne for the wall color. I think this color is matching the color of our countertop really well.

shaker style kitchen cabinet being painted with lacquer paint.

shaker style kitchen cabinet being painted with lacquer paint.

Master bathroom cabinet, we are going with the darker one for a contrast. And hopefully it will hide the stains well since this would be our main bathroom from now.
master bathroom color, benjamin moore over coat and pewter

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