Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding a shower niche I can tolerate

When my architect suggested me an idea of putting a shower niche in my bathroom, to be honest, I was not convinced. Why?

  1. Hard to clean. If that niche made out of tiles. Oh my god I hate it when the tiles are being cut unevenly in the corner of the shower. Plus I would spend all my time cleaning gunk from the grout lines. 
  2. Doesn't feel vintage. I don't think I ever seen an old house with this. Did they even have such thing as shower niche back in 1920s? I'm just afraid this would look so dated one day.
  3. Feel a bit like an after thought. Why don't they just design a shower with some sort of architectural detail that would function as a shelf. Like this photo below. Oh wait a minute I don't have a space in my shower. I can squeeze one tub in and nothing more.

A chair rail that also serves a purpose as a knickknack shelf. This would look great in a shower. 

Since I can't 'find a better solution for my shampoo bottles. I don't wanna have to put shampoo around the bathtub. I have to go with the niche idea anyway.  Under one circumstance though, no grout lines! In search of finding something decent that won't hurt my eyes...Here are what I'm thinking..

This is my first thought if we don't want any grout then maybe we use floor tiles inside the niche. But in this case we still see a lot of grout lines which I don't like. I also don't like that bull nose edge. I'm more like a sharp edge kinda gal. 

shower niche
Good use of stone right here. This minimize the grout and it looks like a clean skinny shelf. 

shower niche
We most likely are going to go with this one because we will have left over marble that can probably work in to something like this. The thing that bother me about this photo is that I just don't like seeing the tiles being cut in half on the bottom of the niche and that weird small piece in the right corner. Do you see it?

shower niche
This is such a neat looking niche. I like that black skinny frame. I'm not sure what kind of material that is. The tiles are cut perfectly. There's no weird skinny piece anywhere. 

shower niche
This is another idea. Just frame it make it look important. The moulding is so great because they look like window frame or something. The tiles that I use for my bathroom just doesn't have decorative option like this. 

shower niche
A mix of stone and subway tile. Except dark grout on off white tiles and off white stone just makes this bathroom look dirty. 

shower niche
Nice clean niche made with tiles only. All the tiles are being cut neatly. I doubt my niche will go perfectly right in the middle of the wall like that. 

What about you? Have you ever been bothered by the look of shower niche in your bathroom?

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