Friday, February 8, 2013

Renovation week 14 | anatomy of sash cord window

They finally put the new windows up. It's about time huh!

Just when I though I can relax, more problems arise. Ok here is the story.. A previous contractor (who now has cancer and no longer works for me) had me order windows and doors my self. That was a big mistake. I got a window made to match existing window in my kitchen. A Sash cord window to be precise, you know the kind with rope and weights on the side. For those who don't know what am I talking about. Here is a photo

above photo via diydoctor

I wanted everything to match original stuff on the house. I was pretty sure the window guy told me I know exactly what this is and I can match this 100%. And when the window came it looks like this..
Not so disappointing at first glance I suppose. But when when look closely there's something missing!!

That small little details called window horn is missing. That's the part prevents the outside sash to slide down too far that it can't be reach from the inside. Freaking sasquatch window!
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