Thursday, June 21, 2012

More breakfast nooks

My need to design a decent place to sit in my new kitchen turns in to one big obsession over breakfast nooks. As I have posted about these pretty breakfast nooks before. Here I am again...These are all so great, but would this work in my space?

Oh deer!
Breakfast nook and babies
Breakfast nook and baby chair
Breakfast nook, bay window and cute doggie
Breakfast nook with great great pendants
Breakfast nook in great room
Breakfast nook with pillows!
Breakfast nook with pink couch
Narrow nook
Breakfast nook in the middle of the room
Yellow nook, anyone?
photos via caitlinwilsondesigncambridgemomsblogourcornerhousepinterestshannondarrough, busydoor, interiordesignpro

At last "My breakfast nook", almost non existence huh?. Look behind the counter. That's my sad, dark, un inviting nook.
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